movéo ergo sum*


*with an apology to Rene Descartes and a nod to Rodney Cotterill and Dr. Gabriel Kreiman

moveo ‘to move is to be’


We are a Transportation Network Company ( “TNC”)

Moveo provides technology-driven ground transportation to VIPs and Executives worldwide.

Ground solutions that meet the local-to-global travel demands of commerce and entertainment.

for Air and Ocean

The travel experience begins when your VIPs leave home.

Moveo is both the overture and coda of their voyage.

They arrive to port in luxury and comfort, then return home safely the same way.

for Planners and Arrangers


Black car service, the black sheep of transportation.

Ground has always been the 2nd-class citizen to its cousins - air, sea and rail.

Moveo's ground platform endows planners with tools that even our relatives don’t have.

for Stars and Execs


 As passengers…

all our executives are stars, and all our stars are executives.

Consistency and confidentiality are the bedrock of service to professionals, executives, entertainers and athletes.


for Property Managers

Property management is not an easy business.

We have even heard it referred to as “adult day care”.

When using ground we promise to keep your VIPs feeling catered to and content.