Moveo's customized platform for airlines and cruise lines allows marketing departments to offer Moveo ground transportation at segmented booking levels: 

    • from VIP guests through an exclusive by-invitation-only booking portal

    • to base bookings via Moveo's public-facing portal for passengers to book on their terms.

Moveo's non-public facing portal, which integrates to, or exposes, Moveo's back office functions to the client, is written specifically to manage the unique challenges of the cruise and airline industries:

    • booking interaction

    • unified billing and invoicing

    • real-time ride visibility

    • boat, train and plane inter-mediation

    • change management and group coordination.

We like to think of the travel experience as a musical composition, which harmonizes all the travel components. The main body of the piece is the destination, which has a primary voyage (whether flight, cruise or train) coupled to the travel experience - an event, sightseeing, business meetings, vacation, family visit or other travel function. Moveo then is the overture or passage into the piece, and after we are the coda, or the passage that sympathetically prolongs and concludes the piece. Both are supporting and essential elements to a planned trip, or a piece of music.