Drivers are, for obvious reasons, the primary measure of service reliability, but it is the logistics infrastructure behind our drivers that ensures dependability. Traditional dispatch logistics (think faxes and phone calls) are not sufficient to manage the range of service complexity, (e.g. roadshows, groups, events, etc.), which the professional, corporate and entertainment industries depend upon. No more faxes and phone calls. Managers to the stars can, on Moveo's front-end and back-end platform:

    • book ground transportation

    • specify security (armored vehicles, security trained drivers, etc.)

    • book changes and more changes

    • view multiple live manifests

    • mask all phone numbers

    • coordinate (automatically and real-time) with rail, sea and air

    • bill out using ‘one-bill’ invoicing and export to their accounting system.

Your luminaries will be illuminated. We promise.