By Industry Group


for Air and Ocean

The travel experience begins when your VIPs leave home. moveo is the overture and coda of their voyage - to port in luxury and safely back home the same way.*


for Planners and Arrangers

Black car service, the black sheep of transportation.

Ground has always been a second class citizen to its cousins - sea, air and rail - and is a low-grade migraine for travel planners and arrangers. Managers tasked with planning and arranging transportation need the level of sophistication in logistics technology along with effective tool sets, which are available to their transportation relatives.


for Stars and Execs

As passengers all executives are stars, and all stars are executives.

The bedrock of any service for executives, entertainers and athletes is reliability, reliability, reliability. Drivers are, for obvious reasons, the primary measure of service dependability, but it is the logistics infrastructure behind the drivers that ensures they are.