Moveo operates a ground transportation network provisioning service constancy in over 100 markets worldwide. Moveo trains its drivers to the same standards in each of these markets. This is why we can provide reassurance to our passengers when they are traveling far from home.


Moveo’s management team comes from diverse industry backgrounds and collectively have years of experience in transportation, communications, logistics, software and security . This is the source of our ability to address multiple industry verticals with consistent service delivery.



Travel management requires flexibility. Travel management platforms must, by extension, be adaptable to account for changes and to be applicable across all industries. Moveo’s technology platform is underpinned by an A.I. framework that maintains responsiveness and resilience to user demands. It is where, and why, we can secure enterprise-level scale for ground to any industry.


Part of ground’s complexity, which is not integral to air, sea or rail, is the requirement for manifold ride services and on-demand capacity. Good providers must be able to fulfill all conceivable ground requirements and situations. This is an essential function for enterprise-level transportation management and is the only way it can scale.