by-the-hour and by-the-day

Using time segmented service is essential for managing a wide range of service requirements, e.g. road shows, VIP on-demand and wait-service, event exigencies and other indeterminate ground demands. Assuring that unplanned service requirements are met is what the Moveo platform was designed to fulfill.

group logistics and management

For events, regardless of type, nothing is more challenging for transportation managers than overseeing groups and their shifting schedules. Moveo provides three things to ground managers to lighten this load: 1) dispatchers who are watching the ride unfold on a map in real-time, 2) customer service reps who are already conversant with your passengers, itineraries and drivers, and; 3) logistics automation that resolves schedule flip-flopping with minimal intervention.

ground for roadshows

With the exception of maybe group logistics, managing roadshows in any industry is the most serious challenge for transportation coordinators. Whether it is:

  • a Beyoncé concert requiring security level drivers and vehicles in Colombia, or;

  • coordinating an IPO roadshow in 8 US and Canadian cities simultaneously, or;

  • managing the crush of a Formula E race in NYC . 

We have done all three and the Moveo platform delivered seamless and flawless performance.

point-to-point transfers

The bread and butter of black car service - 1 mile or 1000 miles - enough said.