Our patent-pending technology platform is an integrated suite of core back-office systems and forward-facing modules. They interact seamlessly and efficiently to manage all facets of ground transportation and logistics.


Distributed Ledger Technology (“DLT”)

A blockchain DLT structure secures all transactional data generated by each ride (or groups of rides). Essentially this is just a tamper-proof list of time-stamped transaction records. DLT’s power is in ensuring reporting accuracy, which is vital for all enterprise-level interaction. For example shared calendar data becomes part of transaction that is secured into a single chain that can not be altered or viewed without common credentials shared by the transactions shareholders.

“God’s View” - GPS tracking

For travel managers knowing real-time the location of your VIPs, executives, stars, customers and team members is an essential job function. Having a single screen (or manifest) to overview and drill down on fosters a more fluid and dynamic decision making environment.

Unified communication

The bugaboo and bane of ground transportation. Moveo has untangled the archaic mess of voice, fax and email dispatch dependence.

  • From moveo’s SNS (Single Number System), which masks your VIPs cell numbers.

  • To the secure and confidential SMS and call logs

Initiating and managing ground transportation is now simple, on-demand, effortless and secure.


Change management  

Change is essential to life and life’s only constant. Being able to manage changes with minimal disruption is (pardon the expression) a game-changer. Moveo designed its booking engine with a dynamic switching protocol to specifically account for the inevitable changes that come from arranging ground. With the Moveo platform bookers now have tools for making changes on-the-fly and are freed from having to use indirect tools (phones, faxes, emails, texts, etc.) to make those changes.

Unified billing

Easy expense reporting with billing documentation filtered by traveler, date and reference number. Automated digital ride receipts per ride directed to the appropriate departments, i.e. direct billing and invoice access can be directed to additional stakeholders such as payables and procurement departments.

Live manifest with aerial visibility

The holistic GPS driven view of multiple rides with a manifest table makes it simple and easy to manage the logistics of groups of all sizes. More importantly, aerial visibility of passengers using God's View in real-time frames the itinerary objectives for the event, group or group-event being managed.


Our clients and partners come from many industries, each with their own unique set of requirements for managing ground transportation. Moveo will customize, expose and configure its core platform to meet those demands in either an industry or a customer specific implementation.

Having a platform (where it doesn’t appear that you have left your company portal) is viewed as part of both an organization’s infrastructure and its core IP. With ‘your’ platform you place all ground transportation and related stakeholders on the same page. This, in and of itself, generates efficiencies through facilitating inter-department interaction and cooperation.