Outside the core of logistics and technology, Ground Control consists of just two other components - concierge service and customer service. Here Ground Control is simply service over function, yet it is still fabulously challenging for many ground transportation providers.

Moveo’s platform is engineered to minimize the load that ground logistics place on service staff. This frees our client-facing service team members, to serve clients and passengers a bit more as a ‘concierge’, and a bit less as a customer service rep.


concierge support

Think of concierge support as a gatekeeper function. Clients and passengers often have requirements and requests that can be at odds with basic point-to-point service. We encourage clients and passengers to reach out to us for changes or requests. Our concierge service teams handle these requests with a bias towards maximizing client experience and utility rather than simply making sure a ride finishes as initially planned.


24/7/365 live support

Our live support’s mission is to ensure rides are completed as planned (or changed) by having any issues quickly escalated and resolved. Since most of this is accomplished at the platform level, our passengers and clients never even know there was an issue in the first place. When customer support does intercede, they do so already familiar with all ride details for: pickups, destinations, service requests, changes, vehicles, updated flight departure and arrival times, passengers, clients and more.

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